Massive Casinos In The World!

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Massive Casinos

Casinos are the favorite places for gamblers established near tourist attractions such as resorts, hotels, restaurants, retail shopping malls, cruise ships, houseboats, etc. The casino industry has come up with every possible creative way to make the business successful. Casinos are themed uniquely with many concepts like interiors, bonuses, free spins, opportunities to players, etc.

Casinos can impress people with their stunning looks and the total area and size of the casino houses. Isn’t it?
So, let us look at the world’s largest casinos ever!

❖ USA’s WinStar World Casino:

With more than 7,000 gaming machines, bingo halls that can accommodate 800 people, and nearly 100 table games, the WinStar World Casino stretches about 600,000 square feet!
Not just being the largest casino in the US, but also in the entire world, the casino boasts itself with its sports lounge, resort’s golf course, pool bar, nightclub, and non-smoking poker hall.
In addition, there are eight grand game plazas in the casino that are named after some of the world’s famous cities and have 17 restaurants providing quality food!

Massive Casinos

❖ City of Dreams from Macau, China:

One can never get bored while they visit Macau’s City of dreams as it keeps them engaged with a list of 1,514 gaming machines and nearly 450 table games! This luxurious destination is occupied by about 420,000 square feet! In addition to this menu, there are four spas, more than thirty restaurants, and bars, Vip areas, a live water theatre, four hotels, and a vast retail space.

❖ South Africa’s Rio Casino Resort:

Massive Casinos

Stretching about 266,330 square feet, the Rio Casino resort gives the feel of a carnival atmosphere of Brazil by offering slots for 24-hours will more than 12 table games, 274 slot machines, and fantastic poker tournaments!
Also, a fantastic resort provides a separate arcade for kids, a hotel, two restaurants, a bar, and a creche!

❖ USA’s Foxwoods in Ledyard:

How would it be if you gambled amidst the forest and greenery?
Strange or beautiful?
Well, you can decide that if you visit the fourth largest casino globally, Foxwoods in the USA is stretched about 340,000 square feet wide!
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation, owning the casino, provides their guests with nearly 250 table games, 3,400 slot machines, and more than that, along with games like craps and blackjack. In addition to this, the casino paves its way in offering its customers a spa, around 55 drink and food outlets, golf, zip-lining, bowling, and of course, many top-class boutiques for fashion lovers!

Massive Casinos

These top five casinos, not only are more extensive but also more incredible in quality! That is what makes them unique and attracts guests to come all over the world!

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